Why Do We Stash?

Fellow Knitters, ask yourself this question: Why do we keep all that yarn and, even when our multiple yarn baskets(or wherever you crazy people(I mean creative) decide to keep your yarn) are over flowing, we continue to buy more? Just to give you a few things to tell your family as they question you as you dash out the door because there’s a sale on cashmere at the local yarn shop and they keep asking you why you need more yarn(as if you had enough), I have thought up some ideas(pay no attention to the fact that four out of five of these include the words one day):

1. Maybe oneday there well be a major epidemic and sheep will no longer bear wool.

2. There may, oneday, no longer be a demand for yarn, so, as a result, yarn will no longer be sold.

3. One day we may have to move to a foreign planet where all yarn making materials are no longer available to the human race.

4. one day, sheep may become extinct.

5. The yarns pretty.

On another note, I got accepted to sell at the Yellow Door! Yay!

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