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Storing Your Needles

Here is a good idea about how to store your knitting needles(or small crochet hooks, if that’s how you want to be). First, get three styrofoam balls. They should probably be different sizes. I personally think would look better, but whatever you want … Continue reading

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My New Love

   I have found my new love: Stripes! Why? I’m glad you asked. 1. They look pretty. 2. They keep me interested. When I get board of a color, It’s usually time to switch to a new on. 3. Due to … Continue reading

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   My startitis seems to have returned. I am working on a baby sweater, a hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee( a swiffer mop cover(an altered version of the mason-dixon one), baby booties, and I am thinking about starting some ankle socks(I don’t … Continue reading

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Other Peoples Projects

   I don’t know what it is, but I love knitting other peoples projects(opps). I can’t figure out why, but it brings me more joy working on opps than on my own wips. This may be because of the fact … Continue reading

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Teaching my Mom to Knit

   Over the years I have been trying to teach my mom how to knit. She has made a total of one small square of garter stitch and a half row of ribbing, which I occasionally picked up and knit … Continue reading

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I’m finished with the back of a toddlers sweater. I’m using the pattern for the Lion Brand Playdate Hoodie at . I am making it in the largest size(2 years old) for my algebra teachers daughter. It is made with leftover … Continue reading

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Why Do We Stash?

Fellow Knitters, ask yourself this question: Why do we keep all that yarn and, even when our multiple yarn baskets(or wherever you crazy people(I mean creative) decide to keep your yarn) are over flowing, we continue to buy more? Just … Continue reading

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