Any Ideas?

   I went back to school today from Christmas break(Yeah, I got an extra day off. Be jealous). I resumed to my regular schedule  of knitting during classes(feel free to be jealous about that too). Since I am a straight A student, my teachers pretty much don’t care that I knit in school(as long as I don’t use metal needles, which sucks because most of my needles are metal). I was pretty much very tired because the box of knitting needles fell on the ground off of my dresser(yeah, I still haven’t cleaned those up yet)and made a huge crashing noice. This, to my annoyance, didn’t disturd anyone else in the house at this hour of 4:20. I am a pretty light sleeper. The bad thing is is that after I wake up in the middle of the night(yes, to me, that is the middle of the night)I can’t fall back asleep. If anyone has any ideas about storing knitting needles, please tell me so I can sleep.

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