New Yarn

   I got a full garbage bag of yarn today. Alot of it is cotton or acrylic, but there is also alot of wool and mohair. There was also a half finished blanket along with two sweater sleeves. Alot of the yarn says it is imported from Italy. Most of the yarn is really old, since it came from the drawers of an ex-knitter. Overall, I am pretty happy with it. I would never turn down free yarn.

   I haven’t finished any projects in awhile, in case you were wondering. I’m still working on a toddler sweater, which still needs about a quarter of the front, the sleeves, and maybe a hood. My biggest fear is that by the time I’m finally done with it, the receiver will be to big to fit into it. It is supposed to be oversized, though, so I’m sure it will be fine. I am also working on a scrunchie that I just started. It is pretty easy and basic. Cast on about 40 stitches with some size 2, 3 or 4  DPNs and some worsted. Knit in stockinette until it measures- well, I haven’t figured that out yet, but I am just going to figure out how long the elastic is on a normal scrunchie, then knit until it fits onto the elastic when, well, scrunched. It should turn out good, considering I am not totally stupid(no comments. I mean it). I’m not working off a pattern or some idea I found. If  it turns out good, it will be a great quick knit for gifts or to sell at the Yellow Door(which, being the procrastinator that I am, haven’t made anything for).

Wish Me Luck and Happy Knitting ❤

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New Project

   Even though I still have plenty of things on the needles, I am going to start intolerable cruelty ( ). It is a gorgeous skirt. I bought some satin yarn in a purple colored sort of red. It is pleasingly soft and has a sort of shine to it. The yarn and bamboo needles will be a pleasure to work with. I love the color and the pattern. I will not be working the panel for the drawstrings in the back. This will be done by knitting the entire thing in stockinette stitch instead of having reverse stockinette stitch on the back. If you have ever knit this before or if you are knitting this, I would like to hear how it turned out.

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   Today is the type of day knitters live for. When the white snow covers just about everything and the only thing that could make you go outside is a handknit pullover and wool socks. I didn’t have the pleasure of wearing either, due to the fact that I have never knit socks or a sweater(I have knit a shirt, but that’s kind of off topic). Anyways, if you had the pleasure of wearing any handknits(weather you knit them or somebody knit them for you) that’s good. That must mean you either have a slight attention span, or you have some friends with one. Now that I think about it, I put on my hat to shovel snow. My gorgeous brambles. I have really grown to like it, even though it didn’t exactly turn out the way I hoped. The cables are absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t knit this yet, it is on The cables are EXTREMELY GORGEOUS! If anyone has a great pattern that will keep me interested, I would be glad if you let me know. Thanks!

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Storing Your Needles

Here is a good idea about how to store your knitting needles(or small crochet hooks, if that’s how you want to be).

First, get three styrofoam balls. They should probably be different sizes. I personally think would look better, but whatever you want to do will probably look fine.

Then you make a hole all the way through the middle of two styrofoam balls(the hole should be big enough to fit a wooden dowel through. You could probably use a knitting needle to make the hole). On the third ball, the hole should only go through halfway.  Then, if you so desire, you can paint the balls. They could be all different colors or the same color or stripes. Whatever way you roll.  

Next, attatch a wooden dowel to something resembling a base, such as a block of styrofoam or wood, using hot glue. If you need a bigger dowel, you could tape or glue the dowels together.  The dowel just needs to bee long enough to put two and a half balls on.

 You probably already guessed the next xtep, which is putting the balls on. drop the two balls onto the dowel. On the third ball, you can place some glue onto a paint brush and apply glue to the inside of the hole. After, place the third ball on the dowe.

Let it dry.

To use your sculpture, you can stick your needles into the styrofoam.

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My New Love

   I have found my new love: Stripes! Why? I’m glad you asked.

1. They look pretty.

2. They keep me interested. When I get board of a color, It’s usually time to switch to a new on.

3. Due to my lack of multiple skeins of yarn that are the same, they save lots of money and time going to the yarn store(not that I don’t like going to the yarn store, because truley, I love it, but my mom usually doesn’t want to take me)

4. I can make any pattern my own by adding my own stripe pattern.

5. I can give any article its own look, such as going from a light color and gradually making it darker or giving it a rainbowy look(so that may not be a word, but its my blog, so deal with it!).

6. They are quick and easy, which is totally my style(though I’m always up for a challenge).

Now go knit yourself some stripes. Or fair isle. Or intarsia. Or whatever your colorwork style is.

Happy Knitting!

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   My startitis seems to have returned. I am working on a baby sweater, a hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee( a swiffer mop cover(an altered version of the mason-dixon one), baby booties, and I am thinking about starting some ankle socks(I don’t have a link to this one. Truly, I forget where I found it at and am to lazy to look through all my history(I looked at a lot of ankle sock patterns that day)or ot go through all of the sites that have ankle sock patterns(it will really suck if I lose the pattern)). I am also waiting for my mom to take me to salvation army (sometime soon, hopefully)so I can get a sweater to unravel(here is a link to a video where you can learn how to unravel a sweater (i’ts not as easy as it sound)). I am making the booties, the swiffer cover and the hat to sell at the yellow door. Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!

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Other Peoples Projects

   I don’t know what it is, but I love knitting other peoples projects(opps). I can’t figure out why, but it brings me more joy working on opps than on my own wips. This may be because of the fact that you are just knitting for pure, unsaturated joy and you don’t have to worry about when you will finish or how the finished project will fit. Unfortunately, this usually follows with an annoyed friend(don’t woory. If I see your wip sticking out of your bag, I won’t start to knit on it.)coming up and snatching the needles out of my hand. Pkease, if anyone finds this much joy in knitting opps, tell me so that I know I’m not alone.

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