I think I have figured out why I like knitting O.P.P.s(other peoples projects) so much. They are not my projects, so I’m not always worrying about when I’m going to finish it or if I have enough yarn. It is something new to knit and I didn’t have to go through the work of getting all those inches of stitches on the needle. I beleive it is probably the same way men like babys so much. They really don’t change that much diapers or know how much work they are, so, as a result, they always are wanting to hold them since when they need to have their diapers changed or they start to cry, they just hand them off to their mom, or, in my situation, their teenage sister. This is the same thing withh O.P.P.s. When the project gets rough, you simply hand the yarn and needles off to the “parent”. I can never get over the joy of knitting on O.P.P.s.

Happy Knitting!

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