Today is the type of day knitters live for. When the white snow covers just about everything and the only thing that could make you go outside is a handknit pullover and wool socks. I didn’t have the pleasure of wearing either, due to the fact that I have never knit socks or a sweater(I have knit a shirt, but that’s kind of off topic). Anyways, if you had the pleasure of wearing any handknits(weather you knit them or somebody knit them for you) that’s good. That must mean you either have a slight attention span, or you have some friends with one. Now that I think about it, I put on my hat to shovel snow. My gorgeous brambles. I have really grown to like it, even though it didn’t exactly turn out the way I hoped. The cables are absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t knit this yet, it is on The cables are EXTREMELY GORGEOUS! If anyone has a great pattern that will keep me interested, I would be glad if you let me know. Thanks!

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