Storing Your Needles

Here is a good idea about how to store your knitting needles(or small crochet hooks, if that’s how you want to be).

First, get three styrofoam balls. They should probably be different sizes. I personally think would look better, but whatever you want to do will probably look fine.

Then you make a hole all the way through the middle of two styrofoam balls(the hole should be big enough to fit a wooden dowel through. You could probably use a knitting needle to make the hole). On the third ball, the hole should only go through halfway.  Then, if you so desire, you can paint the balls. They could be all different colors or the same color or stripes. Whatever way you roll.  

Next, attatch a wooden dowel to something resembling a base, such as a block of styrofoam or wood, using hot glue. If you need a bigger dowel, you could tape or glue the dowels together.  The dowel just needs to bee long enough to put two and a half balls on.

 You probably already guessed the next xtep, which is putting the balls on. drop the two balls onto the dowel. On the third ball, you can place some glue onto a paint brush and apply glue to the inside of the hole. After, place the third ball on the dowe.

Let it dry.

To use your sculpture, you can stick your needles into the styrofoam.

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