My New Love

   I have found my new love: Stripes! Why? I’m glad you asked.

1. They look pretty.

2. They keep me interested. When I get board of a color, It’s usually time to switch to a new on.

3. Due to my lack of multiple skeins of yarn that are the same, they save lots of money and time going to the yarn store(not that I don’t like going to the yarn store, because truley, I love it, but my mom usually doesn’t want to take me)

4. I can make any pattern my own by adding my own stripe pattern.

5. I can give any article its own look, such as going from a light color and gradually making it darker or giving it a rainbowy look(so that may not be a word, but its my blog, so deal with it!).

6. They are quick and easy, which is totally my style(though I’m always up for a challenge).

Now go knit yourself some stripes. Or fair isle. Or intarsia. Or whatever your colorwork style is.

Happy Knitting!

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