My startitis seems to have returned. I am working on a baby sweater, a hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee( a swiffer mop cover(an altered version of the mason-dixon one), baby booties, and I am thinking about starting some ankle socks(I don’t have a link to this one. Truly, I forget where I found it at and am to lazy to look through all my history(I looked at a lot of ankle sock patterns that day)or ot go through all of the sites that have ankle sock patterns(it will really suck if I lose the pattern)). I am also waiting for my mom to take me to salvation army (sometime soon, hopefully)so I can get a sweater to unravel(here is a link to a video where you can learn how to unravel a sweater (i’ts not as easy as it sound)). I am making the booties, the swiffer cover and the hat to sell at the yellow door. Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!

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