The Fourth Row

When I knit, my favorite row is always the fourth one. In this row, you can finally see a good amount of fabric emerging after the many stitches you have knit. If you are working in the round, you are usually finally sure that your stitches aren’t twisted. You are usually into the rythym of the pattern by now. The fourth row is just an overall achievment for me that usually means I can knit relaxed. Here are the reasons I hate (or strongly detest) the first three rows:

Row 1: I get very impatient with my first rows, and this is especially true when I am using the basic loop cast on. I don’t like this technique because it makes this growing string of yarn in betwee the two needles that you have to tug on so that there aren’t loops on the CO  edge of your work. No matter how much I hate this technique, it always seems to be the fastest way to get the initial stitches on the needle. On a second note, in this row, there is really barely any work to show for the hard work you have put in.

Row 2: In this row, there always seems to be annoying spaces in between each stitch (again, this is especially true with the basic loop technique), which, because of the fact that I am a perfectionist, make me want to scream.

Row 3: This row isn’t especially bad, but I am still trying to relax from the first two.

But, in the end, the fourth row is worth it.

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